Principal Investigator (PI):

Tomoko K. Shimizu

Tomoko K. Shimizu, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
Department of Applied-Physics and Physico-Informatice
Faculty of Science and Technology
Keio University
E-mail: tshimizu[atmark]
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  • 2007:Ph. D., Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, University of California Berkeley
  • 2004:M. S., Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, University of California Berkeley
  • 2002:B. Eng., Dept. Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics, Keio University

Work Experience

  • 2018.4-Preesnt:Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
  • 2014.10-2018.3:JST PRESTO Researcher
  • 2013.4-2018.3:Senior researcher, National Institute for Materials Science
  • 2010.4-2013.3:Postdoctral researcher and Staff researcher, Surface and Interface Science Lab., RIKEN
  • 2007.7-2009.3:Postdoctral researcher, Surface Chemistry Lab., RIKEN, (including maternity leave)
  • 2002.7-2007.5:Graduate Student Research Assistant, Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


  • Laboratory Session in Natural Science -Physics (Freshman)
  • Solid State Science (Basic Education in Science and Technology on Hiyoshi campus) 2 lectures
  • Laboratory Session in Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics AB (Junior)
  • Solid Sate Physics I (Junior)
  • Presentation Skills (Senior)
  • Fundamentals of Surface and Interface Science (Graduate)


Graduate Students

  • Y. Fujita (D1)
  • M. Isagoda (M2)
  • T. Kaneko (M2)
  • A. Kiuchi (M2)
  • H. Sato (M2)
  • T. Hirai (M1)
  • T. Matsui (M1)
  • Y. Matsumoto (M1)

Undergraduate Students

  • A. Aoki (B4)
  • E. Atobe (B4)
  • Y. Ariyoshi (B4)
  • Y. Semba (B4)
  • G. Hashimoto (B4)


  • A. Takekoshi (B. Eng.) in March 2020
  • Y. Shoji (M. Eng.) in March 2021
  • S. Mabuchi (M. Eng.) in March 2021
  • R. Asari (B. Eng.) in March 2021
  • Y. Eda (M. Eng.) in March 2022
  • M. Shibuya (M. Eng.) in March 2022
  • K. Takamura (M. Eng.) in March 2022
  • K. Matsui (M. Eng.) in March 2022
  • K. Yamanami (M. Eng.) in March 2022
  • T. Hatano (M. Eng.) in March 2023
  • M. Yonehara (M. Eng.) in March 2023
  • H. Tabushi (B. Eng.) in March 2024